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Jackie Alise is showing the world that it is possible to live your dreams. In her first promotional video “Living My Dreams” Jackie Alise gives us a preview of what her life is like. Studio sessions, recording music, and always laughing with her family and friends is what we imagine after watching.  In her interviews she talks about juggling motherhood, work, and a dream. She says that it doesn’t really matter how other people may have made it and that she possesses her very own original opportunity to create the life she has always imagined for herself.

Jackie Alise promotes peace and love and wants to change the way the world thinks about creating a life for themselves; a no excuses mentality. “You can be many things in this life, don’t be a little bitch” is the description from her last promotional photograph. Her second promotional video “This Just Feels Right” was written for her long time best friend and now partner Mark Michael. It is a sensual piece featuring an acoustic guitar with lyrics that describe how it feels to find the one.

Her third promotional video “Let’s Go” shows us a different side to Jackie Alise. It is fun, clubby and edgy. All three promotional videos were directed and filmed by Joey MHz with MHz productions. This production company also filmed the video for her first single “Cherish These Moments” expected to release this summer 2014.